Monday November 28th 9.00am:


We are an open, heterogeneous group including Goldsmiths students, staff and many others who believe the university is a common resource that should be open to all. Join us!


The Whitehead Building – to blockade the finance department, where your student fees, departmental budgets and salaries are mis-directed. The Ian Gulland Lecture Theatre has been liberated as a communal and democratically organised space.


  • To stand with all those affected by privatisation and commodification of life.
  • To stand against those who profit from this global misery.
  • To organise for the N30 strike.
  • To create and debate.
  • To make university space accessible to everyone.
  • To sabotage the marketisation of education.


Our aspirations for society can in no way be met by the management of the university. We cannot address an authority we do not recognise. We know that whatever comes next is something we will make, not something we will ask for. The crisis of the university is a manifestation of the broader crisis of capitalism. Join the action!


Friday November 27th 8.00pm:

Goldsmiths is now occupied in solidarity with the UK-wide strike on November 30th and the global occupy movement. We are here because we reject the privatisation of the university, symptomatic of the neo-liberal agenda that permeates all aspects of life. For this reason we have strategically occupied the building housing Goldsmiths’ finance offices, responsible for executing the cuts and the privatisation agenda. This building also houses the Ian Gulland lecture theatre. Lectures can go ahead as planned on the condition that they are open to the public and that lecturers permit the occupiers to make a short statement at the beginning of each lecture. All groups on and off-campus are encouraged to use this space to host meetings, events, and planning sessions for actions on November 30th.

Where the current government agenda not only encourages, but enforces the transfer of public resources to private hands we join people worldwide in taking them back!

Wednesday November 25th  8.00pm:

Dear Lecturer,

The IGLT is occupied in solidarity with the N30 strike and the global occupation movement. We welcome you into the space and hope that we can all work together to make Goldsmiths an open and egalitarian university. We do not wish to disrupt student learning, but would request the following from you if you wish to hold your lecture as normal:

1. That you open your lecture to the public.

2. That you allow an occupier to make a brief statement before your lecture.


The Occupation

Wednesday November 25th  8.00pm:

The Whitehead Building at Goldsmiths is now occupied in solidarity with the November 30th strike and the global occupation movement. We reject the privatisation and marketisation of life, and the violent transfer of public wealth into private hands. We stand with all those afflicted by this vile agenda and against those who profit from this enforced misery. P.S. Fuck those cowardly bureaucrats who think they run this university and who consistently refuse to support the staff and students of Goldsmiths. They are not educators.


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