Trendazoid Magazine in Hobnob Shock Rocker

2 Dec

Vice, alt-jock magazine turned FHM for people who feel really strongly about bicycle colours, wrote an article about us. The magazine who brought us the totally ironic “American Apparel Fashion Shoot In A Kettle” during January’s demonstration against the privatisation of education (featuring models giving the glad eye to cops), sent one of their unpaid groupies deep undercover as a party snitch to a small gathering of acoustic punks. In the old days they might have been at the Cedric Robinson talk across town, like a lot of us were. The article has quite a few lies and a coupla funnies, and finishes with the author having his mind blown by a security guard knowing about politics. The whole ‘we are cooler than you could ever be’ thing is pretty tired these days when the magazine is written by diligentrifying media comms interns and no one has read it for five years because it’s shit. Reasonably dick move to publish photos and names of people without their permission, especially in an occupation, (considering how many students have court dates coming up). Run back to your hot’n’not column, tittballs.


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