Exposé: Goldsmiths has a Cash Office

2 Dec

Here’s the office they didn’t want you to know about…

Below is an email the Goldsmiths Occupation received earlier today, via a pawn/cover/proxy, from Hugh Jones. This is the man who is clearly too important to speak directly to the people paying his ridiculous salary with their fees. Here is our response:

Despite various petty, tactical deceptions attempting to smear us, we are of course not putting the staff or students at Goldsmiths in a vulnerable position by illustrating the location of the cash office. The college is more than capable of doing this themselves, already having made the location of Goldsmiths’ Cash Office public knowledge. The location of said office can be easily discerned through the college website, a short phone call, or a chat with one of our more than amenable college staff. As a result, we find the request to remove our video ridiculous. This must be regarded as no more than a nakedly political move, because the video provides contradictory evidence to the management’s patently fallacious position: accusing us of being responsible for the Cash Office’s closure.

On top of this already obscene behaviour, the despicable actions of arch-scab Hugh Jones at the picket line on November 30th lead us to believe that he brings the college’s reputation for excellence into disrepute and call for his immediate resignation as Registrar and Secretary of Goldsmiths. In direct opposition to the lecturers fighting for their pensions and the students supporting them, he violently forced his way through the picket outside the library. He then proceeded to photograph its members claiming they were being aggressive, which was an unacceptable intimidation tactic during a legitimate strike. He proceeded to state that he did not care about the strike. He knows on which side his bread is buttered.

Until such pointless and damaging bureaucrats have the guts to stand up for the interests of staff and students, and indeed the university itself, we can only conclude that they should be regarded as both useless and dangerous for the education of their students. Hugh Jones does not act for the interests or the welfare of vulnerable students or staff, and is not fit for the position he holds.

PS. An anonymous source informs us that Hugh is a massive Top Gear fan.

To whom it may concern:

I am concerned about the video published on your blog <https://occupygoldsmiths.wordpress.com/2011/12/01/important-statement-video-evidence-regarding-goldsmiths-cash-office/> regarding the closure of the Cash Office.  Our concern is that the video highlights the location and security surrounding the Cash Office and in the future could put our staff and students visiting the office in an unnecessarily vulnerable position. We ask that you please take this down with immediate effect both from the blog and the vimeo site.  I would be grateful if you could respond to this email at your earliest convenience.

Kind regards

Hugh Jones

Registrar and Secretary


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